Yak-3, gen. G.N. Zakharov, 303 iad

By Michal Sekula

Updated on March 29, 2020

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Yak-3 belonged to general G.N. Zakharov, commander of the 303 iad, spring 1945:


The plane is camouflaged in line with NKAP 1943 order from the summer 1943, e.g. blue grey AMT-11 and dark grey AMT-12 on the upper wings and light blue AMT-7 on the underwings.

Photos of the original plane:


This photo shows piece of the different color bounded by thin black line on the propeller spinner:


However, on this photo of better quality there is nothing on the spinner, so I made the whole spinner in the original blue grey AMT-11 color:


Zakharov’s plane had painted the Saint George emblem on the port side. This emblem was also the traditional coat of arms of the city of Moscow:

There are discussions and different opinions about the color of the shield – red, blue or even yellow. Since red color has at least historical background, I decided for the red shield. It is fully compatible with the shades shown by the red stars or the red banner on the emblem on the nose on the photos.

There is also question about board number. Some authors paint no. 1 on the plane, others nothing. Zakharov's Yak-3 belonged to division stab... it had white arrow, number should have been at mid-fuselage, close to the arrow's break". Similar like many other N-N Yaks.
IMHO the original number at the mid-fuselage was overpainted with the big emblem, e.g. there was no board number.

This Yak-3 in the background without any number is interesting. Could it be the commander's plane, ie. Zakharov's? If so, both the Saint George emblem and the emblem on the nose were on the left side only.


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