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Yak-7B late, S.A. Mikoyan, 12 giap PVO

By Michal Sekula

Updated on May 22, 2020

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Stepan Anastasovich Mikoyan served among others in 32 giap Moscow PVO (Air Defense of Moscow) ; summer of 1943 he was appointed senior pilot in the 3rd squadron of the 12 giap Moscow PVO. The regiment was based in Moscow at M.V. Frunze’s Central Airport but used also the airfields of Klin, Kubinka, Podolsk and Vyazma. During this period, the 2nd and 3rd squadrons directly covered Moscow, and the 1st one was based on a "remote" airfield and covered communications of the front (source ).

Yak-7B late, S.A. Mikoyan, 12 giap PVO, summer 1943:


Camouflage shades look identical with shades of the standard black-green camouflage on the other older planes, e.g. green AMT-4 and black on the upper surfaces and light blue AMT-7 on the under surfaces according to the NKAP order from the summer 1941.

However, black and green fields are painted in the new experimental layout with which Yakovlev experimented from beginning 1943. The light blue color painted on the sides of the fuselage should mask flying aircraft against bluish horizon. White tip on the propeller spinner, wings, tail and horizontal stabilizer were elements of the fast recognition of the regiment in that time. Red star on the fuselage has still unofficial white outline.

More about camouflage development in 1943 at

After the MiG-3D in foreground, the next plane was the Yak-7B late no. 27 and Yak-7A no. 03 "Novosibisrskij Komsomolets" is behind. The Yak-7A is known as having a black-green camouflage from other photos. On this photo, the darkness of the camouflage appear the same on all planes, so also Yak-7B no. 27 should has black-green camouflage:

Yak-9 no. 23, Yak-7B no. 27 and Yak-1B no. 40 in flight, 1943:


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