Yakovlev Yak-7 types

Updated on May 22, 2020

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Here at http://www.airfield.narod.ru/yak/yak-7/yak-7.html and https://coollib.com/b/261704/read is a lot of information, drawings and photos about Yaks, however, in the Russian language. I took several typical examples from the second page to show main, visible differences among individual versions and their designation, mainly from the modeler point of view.

- engine M-105PA,
- almost the same as Yak-7UTI,
- armament 1x ShVAK and 2x ShKAS,
- 62 produced,

Yak-7A differed from Yak-7 for:
- engine M-105PA,
- tail wheel partially retractable,
- covers of the main landing gear added to fully cover wheels when retracted,
- rear window replaced by plywood,
- armament 1x ShVAK and 2x ShKAS,
- 277 produced,

- engine M-105PA,
- tail wheel fully retractable,
- armament 1x ShVAK and 2x UBS,
- 261 produced,

Yak-7B M-105PF
- engine M-105PF,
- early/mid series almost the same as Yak-7A except engine,
- late series had lowered rear fuselage behind the canopy like Yak-1B
- 5120 produced

Russian "V" "vyvoznoi" e.g. "for export"
- simplified version of Yak-7UTI,
- landing gear not retractable

Images from https://coollib.com/b/261704/read