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Yak-9, S.A. Mikoyan, 32 giap, 210 iad /3 giad

By Michal Sekula

Updated on May 13, 2020

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Stepan Anastasovich Mikoyan was born in July 12, 1922. He participated in fights of Great patriotic War from December 1941. He fought within 434 iap from September 1942 together with his brother Vladimir. During three weeks the regiment lost 25 planes and 16 pilots, Vladimir was one them. After Vladimir’s death his brother Stepan was prohibited to fly. His total score during GPW was 6 group victories. He was awarded with Gold medal of the Hero of the Soviet Union in 1975.
In November 22, 1942 the 434 iap was transformed into the 32nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, 32 giap.
Nine Yak-9 aircraft, originally belonged to the Inspectorate of VVS, were transfered to the 1st squadron 32 giap in February 9, 1943 together with a group of airmen from the Inspectorate. Vasily Iosifovich Stalin, son of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, was assigned as a commander of 32 giap. On the order of Vasily Stalin, the inscriptions "For Voloda!" was painted on some planes in memory of Vladimir Mykoyan. Latter, in late March 1943, the 32 giap was rearmed with new La-5 fighters.

Yak-9, S.A. Mikoyan, 32 giap, February/March 1943:



Pilots from 32 giap (S.A. Mikoyan is the second from left), March 1943:


Photo shows Yak-9 with board number probably 01:

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