By Massimo Tessitori

The purpose of this site is to collect some experiences and some limited researches developed with my interest for modeling military vehicles.
In recent time, I've built my models of military vehicles in a relaxed way, with only limited research and documentation work; in other cases, I've made a deep study for works of corrections and elaborations of some vehicles, and started to put them into practice. Unfortunately, I've discovered that there is an inverse relation between documentation/elaboration works and the completion of the model; that is, I left uncompleted some interesting and highly elaborated works, both on tanks and on planes, because I lost interest in them due to the long time required. Besides,  even when I completed an highly elaborated model, I was very disappointed for every defect or small damage I found because I hadn't obtained a perfect model despite a lot of efforts and time while lots of unbuilt kits were accumulating in my attic; vice versa, I accepted better to discover small defects on relatively quick models.
After about the year 2000, something changed in the market: many Chinese firms started to offer good kits of tanks that I had dreamed for years, projecting to obtain them by elaborations and scratchbuilding; besides, many of the kits in my attic became obsolete when compared with new offerings. Besides, any project to obtain a rare model by elaborating some kit risks to become obsolete even before being completed due to the rain of new kits even of tank prototypes.
Anyway,  I still like dreaming of conversions and scratchbuilding.
I will collect here both photos of built models (I would say nice, but nothing exceptional) with my memoirs on building and my limited research on them, both wide researches finalized to models, that have little possibility to be turned into plastic models by me, but could be useful to other modelers.
This could be the case of my first work published here:  a research on the scarcely known North Korean tanks derived from T-62, a real mine of ideas for elaborations, if one accepts the idea to build a model with some approximations, because it will be difficult that North Koreans will allow foreign specialists to photograph and measure them even in a reasonable future. No any signs of perestroika there.

The research has extended to other North Korean vehicles, as the PT-85 light amphibious tank, the M-2010 8x8 and 6x6 APC derived from BTR-80; all this work is made in the optic to obtain decent scale drawings for a conversion/scratchbuilding starting from some model kits of the corresponding Soviet antecessors.

North Korean indigenous tanks: 




PT-85 light amphibious tank


M-2009 Chunma-D APC


M-2010 8x8 APC derived from BTR-80


M-2010 6x6 APC derived from BTR-80


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