North Korean indigenous tanks and armoured vehicles

By Massimo Tessitori



Chonma-ho I,II,III

chonma1withmissile-t.jpg Chonma-ho I is a lightened copy of the Soviet T-62 tank, built in North Korea.
Imported T-62s are called in the same way.
Chonma-ho II  is the same, updated with a laser rangefinder over the gun barrel.
Chonma-ho III is said to be a modernized version with skirts and additional protections, but never observed in photos.


Chonma-ho IV,V,VI


Chonma-ho IV is the first version with laminate turret, and can have ERA or additive armour.
Chonma-ho V is the second version, with slightly enlarged and thickened laminate turret.  It includes a base model (called Chonma-98 in NK)  and one with additive protection (called Chonma-214, in the photo aside)
Chonma-ho VI is an unclear designation, probably relative to Chonma-215 and 216 (see Pokpung-ho below)



pokpung-hocamo-t.jpg Pokpung-ho is a widely utilized western designation for the latest versions of Chonma-ho with lengthened hull and six bearing wheels for each side, improved fire control system with wind sensor.
Pokpung-ho I (Chonma-215) is armed with 115 mm gun;
Pokpung-ho II (Chonma-216) is armed (probably) with 125 mm gun and improved frontal armour.
The tank could be armed with externally mounted antitank and Manpad SA missiles.



sohun-gowithera-t.jpg Songun-ho is derived  from Pokpung-ho; the main difference is the wide cast turret armed with 125 mm gun; other visible differences include the covers over the fenders that give the hull a flush look, and probably a more powerful engine.
Songun-ho was first shown in parade in 2010.
It can have reactive armour on a  limited part of the front and top of the turret, and (always) on part of the front glacis.
It can be armed with a Manpad SA missile close to the commander's hatch.


PT-85 (M-1981 Shin'heung)


Known in the west as PT-85, this vehicle (whose North Korean name is Model 1981 "Shin'heung", Rise) is a light amphibious tank, inspired by  the PT-76 but based on a stretched and heavily modified hull of WZ-531.
About 500 are thought to be in NK service.


M-2009 Chunma-D APC


The M-2009, Chunma-D (Race horse, in Korean) is an infantry combat vehicle based on the hull of the PT-85 amphibious tank.

The turret is nearly identical to that of 6x6 and 8x8 M-1912 wheeled APC, armed with 2 14.5 heavy machine guns plus a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun.

The infantry, presumably 8 men, has access from doors on both the sides of the hull.


M-2010 8x8 APC derived from BTR-80


North Korea has started the production of a modified clone of the BTR-80. The vehicle was first revealed during the parade of 2010, and is believed to be produced in quantity.  Its name is still unclear; it is usually referred as M-2010 in the west, and a well informed site refers it as Chunma-D.

It differs from its Soviet antecessor because of its new turret armed with two 14.5 mm machine guns, for its deck and many other details.


M-2010 6x6 APC derived from BTR-80


In the same parade of 2010 where the new M-2010 8x8, derived from BTR-80, was revealed, it was shown also a mass produced 6x6 version of the vehicle.

Compared to its 8x8 elder sister, the hull was clearly shortened; the doors zone was changed, as the rear deck and plate layout.


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