Ilyushin DB-3/Il-4

Updated on August 26, 2013

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Ilya Grinberg's Il-4

Translation from

Profiles and 3 views of DB-3s

Drawings of Tapani Tuomanen

Profiles and 3 views of DB-3F/Il-4s

Drawings of Tapani Tuomanen

Evolution of camouflage of DB-3/Il-4

This page has been made with the help of: Tapani Tuomanen, Aleksandr Ruchkowsky, Fabrizio D'Isanto, Ilya Grinberg and many members of Sovietwarplanes and Britmodellers.



Il-4 of Vladimir Kotelnikov, ed. Eskmo, 2009

DB-3/Il-4 of Vladimir Kotelnikov, ed. Aviacija i Kosmonautika, 2005

Ilyushin Il-4 of Hans-Heiri Stapfel, Squadron Signal n.192

Red Stars of Geust, Keskinen, Stenman ed. Opali

Soviet combat aircraft of the Second World War volume 2, of Y.Gordon and D. Khazanov, ed. Midland

Barbarossa Victims of T. Kopanski, ed. Mushroom



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Walkarounds walkarounds to both Il-4 and DB-3 preserved in Moscow Other walkaround of the Il-4, with photos of the partially disantled plane too. Some photos of the plane preserved in Moscow Walkaround of the plane of Moscow walkaround of the Il-4 preserved in Victory Park in Moscow Walkarounds of DB-3 and Il-4 preserved in Moscow, as well as of mant other planes, are available here Good walkaround of Monino's DB-3 and some photos of the badly restored Il-4 in Safonov Museum.


Videos Movie n DB-3/Il-4 with many details Screenshots of virtual DB-3/Il-4s historical movie on Il-4 in Russian


Reviews of kits and built models review of the model of Revell gallery of models review of the vacuformed kit of VP Canada Photos of an Il-4T of Zvezda still to build (sprues, instructions...) Photos of a built DB-3 of Maquette photos of the sprues of the kit of Maquette of DB-3. photos of the sprue of the kit of Maquette of DB-3F. Building report of a kitbashed Il-4 by Ilya Grinberg (in Russian) Building report of a widely rescribed Il-4 of Zvezda page with some images of kits, aftermarked items and books on DB-3/Il-4



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