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Polikarpov I-15/ I-15 bis / I-153 family
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on February 1, 2017
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Evolution and painting of I-15bis
I-15bis profiles by Tapani Tuomanen
Evolution and painting of I-153

I-153 profiles by Tapani Tuomanen

I-15 bis of ICM
Model of Massimo Tessitori

I-153 of Heller

Model of Massimo Tessitori


Thanks to Vitaliy Timoshenko and Aleksandr Ruchkosky for their help.


Links: forum with many discussions about Polikarpov biplanes. In English. forum with an excellent discussion and a lot of images. In Russian. Forum with excellent discussions and images of Polikarpov planes. In Russian. Collection of historical photos from Russian magazines Collection of historical photos from Russian magazines (wrecked planes) Collection of color profiles from Russian magazines some photos of preserved I-153s images of I-15, I-15bis, I-153 in Monino museum Forum with many topics full of pages of abandoned Soviet planes, with airports and units identified. Unfortunately not all of the photos are still visible. In Russian. A collection of good quality scans of photosof polikarpov fighters. In Russian. a wide collection of photos, alsot from ebay showing wrecks and captured planes at the time of Barbarossa. In Russian. from a book of Maslov on I-153 in Russian. small walkaround o n the I-153 of Bourget (before the restoration)




Polikarpow I-15bis of Maslov, Wydawnictwo Militaria n.199: the Polish version of the famous monograph of Maslow.

Polikarpow I-153 of Maslov, Wydawnictwo Militaria n.222: the Polish version of the famous monograph of Maslow.

Polikarpov Biplane Fighters of Gordon and Dexter, Red Star vol. 6

Red Stars of Geust, Keskinen, Stenman, ed. Apali

Barbarossa victims, of T.J. Kopanski, ed. Mushroom: a collection of photos of wrecks and captured planes.

Polikarpov fighters in action pt.1, Squadron/Signal n.157

Soviet Air Force fighter colours 1941-1945, E. Pilavskii

SIH 7 "Venäläiset hävittäjät" of Kalevi Keskinen, Kari Stenman.



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