Polikarpov I-15/ I-15 bis / I-153 family
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on February 1, 2017
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Evolution and painting of I-15bis
I-15bis profiles by Tapani Tuomanen
Evolution and painting of I-153

I-153 profiles by Tapani Tuomanen

I-15 bis of ICM
Model of Massimo Tessitori

I-153 of Heller

Model of Massimo Tessitori


Thanks to Vitaliy Timoshenko and Aleksandr Ruchkosky for their help.



http://sovietwarplanes.com/board/index.php?board=32.0 forum with many discussions about Polikarpov biplanes. In English.

http://propjet.ucoz.ru/forum/2-91-13 forum with an excellent discussion and a lot of images. In Russian.

http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewforum_f_139.html Forum with excellent discussions and images of Polikarpov planes. In Russian.

http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft19936-3.htm#pics Collection of historical photos from Russian magazines

http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft19936-5.htm#pics Collection of historical photos from Russian magazines (wrecked planes)

http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft19936-1.htm#pics Collection of color profiles from Russian magazines

http://www.wio.ru/gal2ac/galci153.htm some photos of preserved I-153s

http://igor113.livejournal.com/67262.html images of I-15, I-15bis, I-153 in Monino museum

http://imf.forum24.ru/?0-4-20 Forum with many topics full of pages of abandoned Soviet planes, with airports and units identified. Unfortunately not all of the photos are still visible. In Russian.

http://waralbum.ru/category/weapons/aircrafts/russian_aircrafts/i15-i16/page/7/ A collection of good quality scans of photosof polikarpov fighters. In Russian.

http://www.avia-n-aero.ru/photo.php a wide collection of photos, alsot from ebay showing wrecks and captured planes at the time of Barbarossa. In Russian.

http://nemaloknig.info/read-255923/?page=1#booktxt from a book of Maslov on I-153 in Russian.

http://www.walkarounds.airforce.ru/avia/rus/polikarpov/i-153/index.htm small walkaround o n the I-153 of Bourget (before the restoration)




Polikarpow I-15bis of Maslov, Wydawnictwo Militaria n.199: the Polish version of the famous monograph of Maslow.

Polikarpow I-153 of Maslov, Wydawnictwo Militaria n.222: the Polish version of the famous monograph of Maslow.

Polikarpov Biplane Fighters of Gordon and Dexter, Red Star vol. 6

Red Stars of Geust, Keskinen, Stenman, ed. Apali

Barbarossa victims, of T.J. Kopanski, ed. Mushroom: a collection of photos of wrecks and captured planes.

Polikarpov fighters in action pt.1, Squadron/Signal n.157

Soviet Air Force fighter colours 1941-1945, E. Pilavskii

SIH 7 "Venäläiset hävittäjät" of Kalevi Keskinen, Kari Stenman.



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