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Red 5: white nose with a camouflaged back

Updated on 20 July 2012
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This photo of Il-2, probably of 224 ShAD in winter 1942/43, seems to represent a plane obtained by joining a rear fuselage and tail from one plane with the front fuselage and wings of another one.

The plane looks a singleseater of late production, equipped with VV-1 external gunsight and possibly with an air filter on the supercharger's intake.

The camouflage of the rear fuselage in particuar, the shape of the black band on the tail) suggest that the plane (or at least this part) was built in Factory n.1 in Kuybyshev, while the damaged outer wing edge seems to be wooden, coherently with the same origin.


This photo suggests that the ailerons weren't painted white, and had red trim tabs.

The trim tabs on the tail don't seem painted red.