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La-7s of 482 iap
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on January 5, 2019
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n.18 of Zaytsev


Photos of plane 18 of 482 iap of 322 iad on the 1st Ukrainan front.

The first photo shows plane 18 of the pilot capt.Vassili A.Zaytsev, commander of a squadron; he was an ace with 16 victories.

The man on the ground is the commander of 482 iap, Lt.col. Samoylov.

The photo shows this plane with a white spinner and without any red paintings on the nose.

The 322 iad included also 2 giap, whose mark was one oblique line, and 937 iap, whose marking was three oblique white lines. All the division was equipped with La-7 starting from December 1944.

On a profile of Milos Vestsik, the plane is represented with a red engine cowling at the time of the operation Prague in 1945.

The rounded fonts seem typical of the La-7s prodiced in Zavod 21, with thin blue outline.


n.44 of Korolev


The second photo shows plane 44 flown by pilot Vitalij Ivanovich Korolev with his roster of victory starlets.

The photo is interesting also because the tail on the background shows the fast recognition distinctive of 482 iap, two white oblique lines through all the tail.

It seems that the number 44 hadn't the usual blue outline.

The relatively small size of the red stars suggests that the planes of the photo were built in Zavod 21.

The plane was represented with a red front ring and spinner at the time of Operation Prague in 1945.

The profile of plane 44 in 1945, drawn consistently with the photos and available informations at the time of Operation Prague.