Eskadrilya Valeriy Chkalov 
La-5 n.42
By Massimo Tessitori

File updated on May 18 2019

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This image of La-5s VCh of 193 IAP was taken in February 1943.
No.42 is clearly visible.

The plane on the background is numered 92, but the cover on its nose let us in doubt if it wore a solid white finish too.

This unit had some La-5F VCh too, painted in winter scheme.

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This plane shows a solid white uppersurface with light blue undersurface.
The word "Eskadrilya" is nearly disappeared, and "Valeriy Chkalow" is faded too.
The number could be in a lighter  shade of red, or any other light color as orange, yellow or light blue.

On the other side, there should be written "Ot Kolkhoznikov i kolkhoznits Gorkovskoy oblasti"