On the other side
By Massimo Tessitori

File updated on 26 May 2019

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These images are to demonstrate the inscription on the starboard side, that was different to the port one:

"Ot Kolkhoznikov i
kolkhoznits Gorkovskoy oblasti" 

(From the Collective-workmen and Collective-workwomen of the Gorky region); it described exactly who donated those fighters. 
This inscription was realized with the same colors and methods of the one on the port side, that is to say by stencilling.
In some cases, it was red on camouflaged or white background, and white on red background. 


Here is the pilot E. Tsyganov of 4 GIAP VVS KBF.
This image could seem to show an inscription and number painted with some intermediate colour, as yellow.
But we have already seen some cases in which the inscription made by stencil was rather transparent. 
A transparent white inscription (instead of the supposed yellow) could explain well its ambiguous shade, and, particularly, the fact that the black outline of the star is visible through some letters.
Some other aircrafts show well defined white letters; probably they were repainted by hand brush.

On summer camouflaged aircrafts, the inscription could be painted red over camouflage and white over red star. If the paint layer is transparent, all the inscription darkens.

As an alternative on summer camouflaged aircrafts, the inscription can be white overall.
If the paint layer is transparent, all the writing darkens and, on bw images, it can resemble a yellow inscription.

In general, one can't exclude that some inscriptions were made or modified with other colors as yellow, silver or shadowed with red.

On winter camouflaged aircrafts, the inscription was made with red over white background, and white on red background.
If the paint layer is transparent, both parts turn to pink.


Planes of Eskadrilya VCH could be donated by other than men and women of the Kholkhoz: at least two planes are known to have been paid with funds raised by the firemen of Gorki, and bear the inscription by stencil 'Gorkovskiy pozharnyy' (Gorkii firemen)