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MiG-1 red 6
updated on December 10, 2005                                        file name: mig-1red6.html
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This aircraft is a series MiG-1 of 31 IAP; it was captured, with many other MiGs, on the Kaunas airfield in Lithuania in the first days of war.

The aircraft differs from early type MiG-3 for:

Here red 6 is visible on the background, partially hidden by MiG-1 yellow 5.
Again red 6 hidden by yellow 5. 
The identification of red 6 as a MiG-1 is due to the lack of some intakes and bulges on the engine cowling.
The general finish is similar to the most of early MiG-3s:
  • overall AII green over AII light blue; 
  • the shade of color on the metallic parts is very faded and lighter than the wooden parts (rear fuselage, wings outer consoles). 
  • the red stars have black outline and are in six positions: fuselage, wings upper and undersurfaces;
  • the propeller was unpainted alluminium, with the back partially painted black and very worn.

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