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Updated on January 30, 2016
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ANT-42 prototypes
Prewar production TB-7s
Wartime Pe-8s with Mikulin and Diesel engines
Pe-8 ASh-82 during the war
Pe-8 ON

Pe-8s after the war



Pe-8 Der sowjetische Fernbomber of Ulrich Unger, Brandenburgisches Verlagshaus, an excellent monograph in German.

Tjazhòlyj bombardirovscik Pe-8 of M. Maslov, an excellent monograph.

TB-7 Bombardirovscik Pe-8 of V. Rigmant, an excellent monograph.

Article of Maslov on Krbilbja in Russian.

Aviakollektsia 7/2000, bombardirovscik Pe-8 (TB-7) of V-Rigmant, another edition of an excellent monograph.



Historical and technical sites: the site of Psy06 with splendid drawings and photos, in Russian something on this plane, in English topic on the Pe-8 in English detailed history of ANT-42 prototypes, in Russian detailed history of TB-7/Pe-8 bomber, in Russian, with links to drawings detailed history on Pe-8 ON VIP transport version, in Russian article on the raid on Berlin of the summer 1941, in Russian page collecting the images of this type of plane from the press. In Russian. Battle reports of Pe-8 crews, in Russian. wide topic on, in Russian. Plenty of images of details. good page with an historical description, list of built planes and images. In English and Russian.


Drawings: link to drawings of M-Hobby link to drawings of all variants link to other drawings link to other drawings link to other drawings Profiles of Pe-8s from many sources




Kit reviews and building reports: detailed building report of the kit of Zvezda, in English article in English, to take with some precaution. Review of A-Model Pe-8 ASh-82 kit review of the Amodel kit building report of A-Model Pe-8 ASh-82 review of Pe-2 ON of Zvezda, in English