R-5 , R-Z and PR-5

Updated on January 4, 2014

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Profiles of R-5, R-Z and PR-5

of Tapani Tuomanen

PARC PM 7211,

1/72 scale kit of Polikarpov R-5





Geust: "Red Stars"

Timo Heinonen / Hannu Valtonen: "Albatrosista Pilatukseen".

M. Maslov: Armada n.22: R-5 and R-Z

Kotelnikov: Aviakollectia 5/2009 R-Z

Soviet Aircraft and Aviation 1917-1941, of Lennart Andersson, ed. Putnam

Aviacia i Vremya 3/2010, an excellent article by V.Kotelnikov, in Russian




http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polikarpov_R-5 a brief general description

http://www.airwar.ru/enc/other1/r5.html Good description with many illustrations, in Russian.

http://www.airwar.ru/enc/aww1/r5sh.html The R-5Sh, ground attack variant, in Russian.

http://www.airwar.ru/enc/other1/rz.html good description with many illustrations, in Russian.

http://crimso.msk.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft20000.htm A lot of photos and drawings from the Russian press on the R-5, R-Z and other variants.

http://crimso.msk.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft30836.htm Images of Limuzin variants

http://hobbyport.ru/avia/r_5.htm on R-5 from Modelist-Konstruktor 1986 No.7

http://hobbyport.ru/avia/r_5_6907.htm drawings with some internal detail from Modelist-Konstruktor 1969 No.7

http://forum.aviaskins.com/showthread.php?t=3023&page=2 forum with excellent images of a 3D cockpit of R-5 for IL2 flight simulator

http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/62636-polikarpov-r5/ a building report of the Encore/Parc kit in English

http://lib.rus.ec/b/251378/read the excellent article of V.Kotelnikov on Aviacia i Vremya 3/2010, in Russian

http://maquetas.mforos.com/1642591/6584645-polikarpov-r-5-rasante-rest-models-1-48/ excellent report on the building of Rest Models kit, in Spanish