Soviet SBs during Barbarossa:


Updated on February 17, 2018

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About 150 up-engined SB-2M105 were built in Factory n.22, in parallel with M-103 engined ones, from September 1940 up to the early 1941 when the production of SB was stopped in favor of its successor Ar-2.



SB-2M105 was easily distinguishable because of the raised central frame of the hood that altered its profile.

This could be related with the possibility of dive bombing.

All these planes went out of factory with the standard green-blue livery of that time frame, and with the MV-3 turret and radio already installed.




The windshield was divided into a frontal and two front-side panels, instead of into two panels with central frame (razor-shaped) as on all previous SB.

This was made to install a device inside.

Note the mirror outside the frame of the sliding hood, on both sides; this replaced the mirror atop the windshield characteristic of older SB 2M100A/103 with flat cowlings.

Another image of the windshield and canopy of a SB 2M105.

Probably the set could have been raised higher than older versions to allow a better view.


White 2

White 2 is a M-105 engined SB, recognizable for the raised shape of the sliding hood

The plane shows the usual green-blue livery of 1940-41; the rudder seems darker, but this could be due to its being turned left.



White 10

White 10 shows the usual green-blue livery of 1940-41, but there are some repaintings visible on the fin and rudder; it is unclear if they were due to maintenance, or were some form of camouflage.



White 2 of 24 SBAP

The colored cap with an horizontal band in it was distinctive of 24 SBAP.

Different squadrons were characterized by different combinations of colors.

We can guess that plane 2 had a red cap with a yellow band.


Other images of planes of 24 SBAP can be found here:

Soviet SBs during the Winter War

Soviet SBs during Barbarossa: grey prewar standard

Soviet SBs during Barbarossa: late SB-2M103 with green-blue prewar standard






Unknown camouflaged SB

SB 2M105 with an unidentified camouflage, probably light brown over green.

Unfortunately the photo doesn't give sufficient informations for a profile.


Plane 1E

SB 2 M105 with an interesting double marking on the tail: a cyrillic E (for Eskadrilya) indicating the plane of the squadron commander, is overposed to a dark wide 1.

The colors of the inscriptions can only be guessed: the E could be red with a white background, the number 1 red with a black outline.

The spinner looks light and glossy, possibly blue or yellow.

Plane E and starlet

This SB with unidentified engine with sharp cowling seems of the same unit of the one above because the E looks very similar; it is likely that it was M-105 engined too, as the previous one.

A small red starlet with a white outline is visible at the top of the rudder.





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