Translation of Soviet documents about

painting standards of Soviet warplanes

Updated on February 6, 2023

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Table of paint materials

utilized in 1943

Translation by Daniele Righi


This table is taken from the Russian book "Field repair of aircraft" of 1943.
The main colors and solvents available to a PARM (Mobile aviation repair workshop) are listed, and are representative of the colors used in the URSS from the beginning of the war up to the main change of colors of middle 1943.
The color that fills the last column is not in the original document, but has been added by the translator using a computerized analysis of the RGB values of the appropriate colors from high quality photos of the 1948 Albom Nakrasok.
It is worth of note that almost all the colors in use in 1943 are present in the 1948 album.

Full text translated of the part relative to coating and painting from: "Field repair of aircraft" of 1943.


Paint materials

utilized in 1945

Translation by Daniele Righi


The book "Field repair of aircraft" was reprinted in 1945.
Many of the procedures are the same as in the 1943 book, but for paints, it is noticeable both the introduction of the new colors in the middle of 1943, and a shift of interest toward how to paint metal aircraft.
Much material is devoted to wood and mixed construction airplanes.


Table of paint materials

utilized in 1948

Translation by Daniele Righi


In 1948 a different author, Engineer-Colonel P. G. Bykov, published a book on aircraft field repair, with the name "Basics of aircraft repair technology in field conditions".

Many of the techniques used were also present in the similar books of 1943 and 1945, what we can note is a shift toward the protection of metal airplanes, even if the techniques for repairing wood and tissue are not forgotten.

This book included again a table with the main paint materials used for repairing the cover of metal aircraft.

Albom Nakrasok of 1948

Pages about aviation paints only

Whole Alboom:

part 1 original

part 1 translated

part 2 original

part 2 translated

Translation by Daniele Righi



Albom Nakrasok (Alboom of paints) is a book of 74 pages of 28 x 35,5 cm, in landscape format, published in 1948 in 1000 copies, by the State chemical publishing, (Directorate of paints of the Ministry of Chemical Industry of URSS) as an Album of paints. Samples of paints, characteristics of paints, basic physical and painting parameters, use of paints.
It contains glued real color chips some of which are of interest for modelers as used in the URSS armed forces during WWII.
We do not know how many copies are still in existence, but one copy was sold at an auction in 2014, two copies have been studied by modelers, and another copy should be stored in the National Library of Russia, in St. Petersburg.
For the first time it was mentioned by Orlov and Vakhlamov in the magazine "M-Hobby" of 2/1999, referring to a volume that is stored in the Russian State Library (RSL) in Moscow.
A copy is in private hands in Finland, and has been described by Kari Lumppio, in particular in the site Britmodeller.
The line of colors by Mr. Akan and other producers are in part based on this album.


Instructions on the numbering of the material part

Translation by Daniele Righi


Translation of a wartime document about the factory numbers of Soviet planes, divided by type and factory.

Translated by Daniele Righi, from the original transcription of Dmitry Linevich at the site:


Complete cockpit of I-16

Translation by Daniele Righi


Commented collection of the 3D illustrations on I-16 cockpit made by Dmitry Linevich published and