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Yakovlev Yak-6
Updated on December 10, 2011
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Evolution of camouflage of Yak-6


M-hobby 3/2000 and 4/2000: excellent article of Vaklamov and Orlov with photos and color drawings, in Russian

M-Hobby 1/93: brief article with good color drawing and line drawings with notes in English.

OKB Yakovlev of Y.Gordon, D and S. Komissarov: book with a good story, description and photos of the Yak-6 and all other types, in English

Yakovlev aircraft since 1924, of Bill Gunston and Yefim Gordon: book with a brief history and comparative sketches of Yak-6 and Yak-6M, in English.


Links excellent article with an excellent set of drawings from Modelst Konstructor, in Russian. excellent article with photos and drawings in Russian detailed drawings to download decals sheet of AML for Yak-2, 4, 6 Profiles of Yak-6 from many sources building review of Zvezda kit site in Russian on images and texts published on magazines. review of the Mastercraft/Intech/Zvezda kit, in English



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