Yakovlev Yak-7 profiles

Updated on March 6, 2021

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By Michal Sekula

Yak-7A, 12 giap PVO

By Michal Sekula

Yak-7B early, V.S. Mironenko, 195 iap, 324 iad

By Michal Sekula

Yak-7B early, Y.I.Filippov, 307 iap

By Michal Sekula

Yak-7B late, 146 iap, 7 giad

By Michal Sekula

Yak-7B late, 12 iap PVO

By Michal Sekula

Yak-7B late, 42 iap, 240 iad

By Michal Sekula

Yak-7B late, A.V. Vorozhejkin, 728 iap, 256 iad

By Michal Sekula



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