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Yakovlev Yak-9 family

Update of April 20, 2020: the page was revambed and separed from those of other Yak fighters. 7 profiles of Michal Sekula were added.

Update of May 13, 2020: two profiles of Yak-9 were added: grey-grey prototype and Yak-9 of Mikoyan

Update of June 1, 2020: the page with the profile of Yak-9M, P.Y. Golovachev, 900 iap was added.


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Yak-9 versions

By Michal Sekula

Yak-9 profiles page

By Michal Sekula

by Bert Andermann

conversion of Amodel Yak-9U, 1/72

Uploaded on July 14, 2009




Links: subforum on Sovietwarplanes about Yak fighters. Yaks in general: an huge amount of photos, profiles and other documents, in Russian. about Yak-9 family in English in Russian (with line drawings etc.) in Russian walkaround of early Yak-9 in Archangel Museum Engine M-105PF Wide page on about Yak-7/9. In Russian. Wide page on about Yak-9U. in Russian index with links to detailed descriptions of all fighter planes, including all versions of Yaks. In Russian. Restored Yak-9 in the Museum of Flight. a Russian photographic archive with many high quality historical photos.



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