I-153 red 7 with red nose

Updated on January 26, 2016

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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen

I-153 M-62 of 42 IAP, Vilnus airport, June 1941.

It has a with standard silver-grey prevar livery, and a red 7 with white contour on its rudder.

The prominent characteristic is the color of the cowling, supposedly red. The shutter disk on the front looks standard light grey AE-9.

According to other interpretations the cowling could be green, but a green cowling from another plane would be expected to have a light grey or blue undersurface.


Some interesting images of I-153s on the same airport:

n.4 with green livery. The number could be yellow.


Another n.7, without the red nose. The number could be yellow or light blue.

Interesting n.9, probably of another unit characterized by a red (?) nail at the end of the rudder.

The plane n.16 seems to have its cowling of a different color from other ones.

The photo below seems to show a plane with the same characteristic, but not the same one because of the short starter's dog.