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La-7s of 50 iap, 315 iad
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on November 2, 2017
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2-guns La-7 n.97.

According to the source of the photo (it is reproduced in cropped form here) the plane belonged to 523 iap, 303 iad.

According to A. Ruckovsky, this attribution is unlikely because the markings don't resemble to those known for this unit and division. Besides, the caption on the MBI book quotes names of two servicemen, Kushnarev and Gryzlov and, according to the Podvig Naroda website data, both belonged to 50 iap 315 iad.

The photo shows the wide red stars typical of zavod 381 and the regimental emblem, a white vertical stripe on the rudder. Probably the rudder looks dark only because of shadows.

The front of the cowling shows a discontinuity in color when compared to the grey sides, probably it is glossy red. This would be coherent with the red nose seen on a photo of the La-5FN of pilot Mavrenkin of the same unit.

The camouflage isn't clearly distinguishable, but it seems likely that it was the usual AMT-11/12 scheme.

Image from Lavockin La-7 of Vestsik, MBI

A profile of the likely look of this plane.