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MiG-3s in 1943-45
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During 1942 and 1943 the MiG-3 operated mainly in Air Defence Units, where they fought against high altitude German bombers and reconaissance plane up to an altitude of 11,000 m, but they were unsufficient against Ju-86 P and R, able of a ceiling of more than 12,000 m.

The MiG-3 was modular and easily maintainable; flyable aircrafts were obtained cannibalizing pieces from unserviceable aircrafts.
A limited number of MiG-3s were used for secondary duties, forthemost in second-line units, till the end of the war.

From Red Stars n.3

from OKB MiG

According to Red Stars n.4, these photos were taken in mid-43 at the Bureau of New Technology of TsAGI.
It is an early example with slats and rocket rails; it was probably repainted green with silver and red outlined stars and black blades.

A mixed line of MiG-3 and P-40 of the 7th IAP, Baltic Fleet, near Leningrad, early 1944. 
(Note: according to Hazanov, they should be of 565th IAP, Northern front, 1943)
Note the wide white outlines on the stars, the fixed tail undercarriage and the white forward part of the spinner. 
The aircrafts are probably camouflaged.

Photos from Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-1945

These nicely painted aircrafts should be of 7th IAP of Black Sea Fleet during 1943.
According to Hazanov, they should be of 34th IAP, on the Northern front.

From Mikoyan's Piston.engined Fighters, of Gordon and Dexter

Some aircrafts of 7th IAP of Black Sea Fleet.
These aircrafts feature an hybrid engine cowling, with late type panels and early type exhaust stacks , probably due to being repaired with pieces of different aircrafts.

From Mikoyan's Piston.engined Fighters, of Gordon and Dexter

This photo was shot in Spring 1945; the old MiG-3s were still used for training of ground crew.
The man on the left is Ivan Ivanovich Zaicev (the owner of the picture) superior trainer Leytenant , 2 VVAShAM (Volskaya Voenaya Aviacionaya Shkola Aviamehanikov; Volsk Military Aviation School of aviamechanics).
The aircraft is a late example with slats, radio and starter tooth; it was probably repainted with AMT green and light blue; the undercarriages look dark painted too. 
Note the stars with large white outlines. No any numbers is visible.


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