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According to Red Stars n.4, these photos were taken in mid-43 at the Bureau of New Technology of TsAGI. 
Many modern aircrafts, including German, British and US ones were exposed there.
The aircraft was scrapped after the war's end.
A careful observation of the photo shows some characteristics: 
  • it is an early short nosed example, with slats;
  • it has the radio mast and, probably, the boxes;
  • it wears large red stars with silver outline and an even thinner red outline;
  • it has a non original green/light blue painting, probably with late AMT paints;
  • the rear fuselage demarcation line between the colors is sharp and straight;
  • it has inhert gas device pipes near the left exhaust rack;
  • it has rocket rails under the wings;
  • it has black painted propeller blades;
  • the black point visible near the fuselage star on the photo is probably an image defect, there should be nothing to evidence there.
  • Some images suggest that the spinner has a darker color, some other images show it as dark as the green uppersurface. It's possible that the spinner was repainted red during the long exposition.

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