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MiG-3 restored in Novosibirsk
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After being lifted out it was transported to Novosibirsk, where the firm "Avion" restored it over 14 months, making the static example of Pokryshkin's fighter of 1941. This plane was restored by order of the Monino museum, but it is still in Novosibirsk.
The firm "Avion"  has restored many planes: flying I-16s (6 ex.) and an I-153 "Chayka" (all to New Zealand`s "Wanaka Warbirds"), Su-2, P-63 "Kingcobra" (now in Monino), A-20G "Boston" (Monino), B-25C "Mitchell" (Monino)" and others.

from Kovalsky Alexey

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