Red 02
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This famous photo was taken on March 7, 1942, when the 120th IAP of Moscow Air Defence was was made Guards as the 12th Gv.IAP.

This aircraft was often interpreted as having red wing outer panels, silver engine cowling, red spinner and black number, but all this is wrong; for more arguments on this, see 
how red were the red wings of red 02?
The wings, of early type, are a replacement from another aircraft.

At the end, the characteristics of the aircraft seem to be:
  • late type, but without slats;
  • the radio mast and wires are visible, but the radio boxes are not visible;
  • the aircraft fuselage is painted uniform white, with engine cowling painted with a slightly darker shade of white;
  • the outer panel of the wing looks painted with gloss AII green;
  • the undersurfaces are light blue, with a sharp division line;
  • the 02 number is red; 
  • the fuselage star looks to have a thin black border; the tail star, without black fillet, is painted in non-perfectly geometric way;
  • the tail wheel is locked in open position and covered by a dark fabric cover;
  • the spinner is black; the propeller blades are aluminium, with the rear part partially painted black, as standard;
  • there is the gear reduction rate written on the right side of the nose, probably in red;
  • the pitot probe looks white and aluminium;
  • there are rockets rails under the wings.
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