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P-39 Airacobra „Red 100“, 213 giap, 22 giad


by Michal Sekula

March 14, 2016
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P-39Q Airacobra from the 213 giap, 22 giad:

There is Chepinoga on the photo, but he was tranfered to the other division after the winter 1944/45. Cobra tail in the background still has war-time 22 giad element of the fast recognition - white diagonal stripe. 
However, ceremonial swords point more on after-the-war era, when officiers could meet on some occasion.
Only late P-39 Q21-25 versions had four-blades propellers, so this plane seems to be too young for complete repainting during the war. It is repainted overall in one bright color, even also front leg on "100" is bright, although originally it is dark green.
VVS did not use the white color for the winter camoflage in 1944 and latter. So some after-the-war light bluegrey color is the very probable canditate for overall repainting.

There is visible dark outline around digits - probably black outline around the red digits.

Let me thank to Massimo and KL from for their comments and help.

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