LaGG-3 drawings and details
Lakirovanny Garantirovanny Grob        Varnished Guaranteed Coffin
by Massimo Tessitori

Update of November 2, 2017: the LaGG-3 main page had become too wide and was splitted into three ones: LaGG-3 evolution, profiles and photos , Kits and models , scale drawings and details

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LaGG-3s drawings

Pavel Sadovnikov and Aleksander Ruchkovsky

An improved version of the drawings of Voronin reflects better the shape of this plane and describes in detail the evolution of early production LaGG-3s of many factories.    Uploaded on January 23, 2010

LaGG-3s with skis

part 1: historical photos and profiles
part 2: details of the skis

Updated on April 2, 2010

LaGG-3/La-5 cockpit images

a collection of images from many sources 

uploaded on February 20, 2005

LaGG-3/La-5 structure images

a collection of images from many sources 

updated on October 25, 2005 


LaGG-3s with Sh-37 and NS-37 37 mm guns: history, details, photos and profiles

Uploaded on December 20, 2005