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Sovietwarplanes pages
by Massimo Tessitori

Welcome to Sovietwarplanes Pages. It is devoted to modellistic/historical research and artwork about Soviet military planes.


Most recent updates:


May 24, 2020: many pages of technical details were added to the I-16 page.

June 1, 2020: the page with the profile of Misos of Yak-9M, P.Y. Golovachev, 900 iap was added to the Yak-9 profiles page.

June 1, 2020: 3 new profiles were added to the page of profiles of Yak-3 of Michal Sekula

June 10, 2020: a quick guide to painting standard evolution was added.

August 1, 2020: the profile of LaGG-3 n-37 of 249 IAP was added to the page on grey-grey ones of 9 IAP and other units.

August 6, 2020: a page with La-7 of 163 giap was added to the La-7 page

August 20, 2020: a page with La-7 of 137 giap was added to the La-7 page

November 3, 2020: profiles of White 27, 20 iap and White 402 & 404, 45 iap were added to the Yak-1 profiles page

December 5, 2020: a page on the I-16 Type 12 was added to the I-16 Types page

March 6, 2021: profile of Yak-7 UTI was added to the Yak-7 page

9 March 2021: a major overhaul of the I-16 page was done, with the introduction color 3 view drawings of all production versions on index page on I-16 Types and all its subpages.

28 March 2021: the pages on DC-3 in Soviet service and C-47 in Soviet service were uploaded, with profiles of Tapani Tuomanen.


Painting standards evolution

Biplane fighters
Monoplane fighters
Biplane bombers, trainers, reconaissance planes
Monoplane bombers, trainers, reconaissance single-engined planes
Bombers, transport and reconaissance multi-engined planes

colorized historical photos

Page with some historical bw photos

colorized by Massimo Tessitori

This work collects also a lot of photos and drawings from many sources, not always identified and mentioned.
If someone has some rights on the images here reproduced, please email to me and I shall provide to remove or to credit them.
While the historical photos are of public domain (except where otherwise stated), my color profiles and coloured photos are copyrighted.
If someone is interested in any use of them, please email me; higher resolution version is available for printing purposes.
If someone has questions, critiques or corrections, or some further images to show, please email to me.

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